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NEWSWEEK  South Asia

The Face of a Killer” (5/19/02)   A profile of Afghan warlord Padcha Khan.


Pakistan: Secret Hunt, Elusive Prey” (5/12/02)    The hunt for Osama bin Laden on the Afghan-Pak border.


A Sleepless Night in the Cold” (3/17/02)    A first-person account of a night of ambushes and bitter cold.


Minister Escapes Assassination Bid” (4/7/02)    Defense minister Fahim on the defensive.


Love Under the Taliban” (3/31/02)    Afghans can make war. But how did they make love, especially during the dark days of the Taliban?


Inside the Caves” (3/8/02)    Rumors of Al Qaeda in the hills.


Maybe It’s a Punishment from Allah” (3/26/02)    A deadly earthquake hits war-ravaged Afghanistan.


Caught in the Crossfire” (3/3/02)     A first-person account of a gun battle.


Karzai’s Toughest Test” (2/12/02)     Karzai faces tough test of leadership in his early days.


First Person Global” (12/16/02)     Traveling through the infamous Salang Tunnel.


Mullah Omar Off the Record” (1/20/02)     Mullah Omar’s driver talks about his days chauffeuring the world’s most elusive Taliban.


Trapped in Prison” (12/17/02)     A British tourist winds up in a Taliban jail cell.


I Would Smash His Head in Again if I Could” (11/13/01)     The road to Kabul after the U.S invasion.


The Scene in Kandahar” (12/11/01)     The Taliban stronghold opens up. A little.


Escape from Taloquan” (11/28/01)    The war moves south, towards Kabul.


Tough Talk” (11/14/01)     Days of fighting with the Northern Alliance.


Eyeing the Next Fronts” (11/4/01)     Where will the war move next?

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