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NEWSWEEK  Middle East

Portrait of a Shadow,”  (2/13/09)    A portrait of an Iraqi Sunni insurgent turned CIA spy.


Losing the Infowar” (1/14/07)    How the U.S military plans to control the press.


Iraq: A New Enemy Emerges - the Shiite Zarqawi” (11/12/06)    Abu Deraa is the most feared man in Iraq. Here’s why.


Ministers of Death” (11/12/06)    The Shiite Zarqawi wreaks havoc in Baghdad.


It’s All the Same” (11/9/06)    U.S elections hit Iraq.


Silent Sistani” (9/3/06)    Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani is the most powerful man in Iraq right now.


Iraq: A War Within A War: Who runs the Mahdi Army?” (8/20/06)    The ever-shifting threat morphs again.


An Army of One” (5/7/06)    A written Q&A with Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Mehdi Army.


Phantom Force” (4/23/06)    A renegade Iraqi government security force upends Baghdad.


"Baghdad’s Big Oil Bust” (1/29/06)    Iraq’s oil industry is broken, despite America’s best efforts.


We Want Better Weapons” (2/19/06)    Iraq’s Army is struggling to keep up.


Doctors in the Crosshairs” (1/8/06)    Why are insurgents killing so many Iraqi doctors?


Sunnis Change Course” (12/18/05)    Sunnis get political.


The New Way Out” (12/4/05)    The most dangerous stretch of highway in Iraq gets a little better.


No More Illusions” (10/9/05)    Stirrings of civil war. 


The Sunni Question” (9/4/05)    Haditha becomes a hot-bed of Taliban-style enforcement.


Our Mr. Fix-It in Iraq” (8/28/05)    An in-depth profile of U.S ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad.


Terror on the Tigris” (9/11/05)    A political demonstration goes terribly wrong.


Only Way to Communicate” (6/6/04)    High tech comes to Baghdad. 


The Enemy Spies” (6/26/05)    The insurgency gets sophisticated.


Soldier Rap: The Pulse of War” (6/12/05)    American soldiers make music to cope with war.


A Deadly Guessing Game” (5/15/05)    Just how bad is it getting?  New documents reveal a grim reality.


Lost in the Green Zone” (9/19/04)    It used to be Saddam’s playground. Now it’s the heart of the American occupation.


It’s Worse Than You Think” (9/19/04)    An insurgency is spreading far and wide in Iraq.


We Pray the Insurgents Will Achieve Victory” (8/6/04)    A Q&A with an insurgent leader.


The Dark Road Ahead” (4/11/04)    Fallujah is the epicenter of the growing insurgency.


Eyewitness to a Siege” (8/29/04)    Photographer Laurent Van der Stockt is caught in the holy shrine of Karbala.  Here’s what he saw.


Iraq's New Leader Gets Tough - By Unleashing the U” (8/22/04)    Ayad Allawi wants a little respect. 


And They Shall Lead” (7/27/03)    Iraq’s first government takes a few shaky steps. 


Troops: The Body Count Grows” (6/8/03)    More soldiers are dying post-occupation. 


Inside An Enemy Cell” (8/17/03)    One of the very first in-depth stories about Iraq’s insurgency.


Hunting Saddam” (7/6/03)    A lengthy profile of the hunt for Saddam Hussein near the Syrian border. 


Still Fighting Saddam” (7/20/03)    Saddam Hussein is still wreaking havoc, and no one knows where he is. 


Unholy Allies” (6/15/03)    Insurgents are teaming up with Baathists, and the war is getting ugly.


The Iranian Connection” (4/27/03)    Iran has a hand in much of the violence.


In Custody” (5/1/03)    Going over Iraq’s nuclear program with a former scientist. 


I Was Sure I Was Dead” (3/30/03)    A first-person account of being ambushed during the American invasion



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