The Hunt for Kony (4/16/12)    My trip to Central African Republic with the Ugandan Army as they hunt for Joseph Kony.


The Terrorist Myth in North Africa (11/19/09)   Why Africa’s terror problem isn’t really a problem.


Q & A With Zimbabwe's Embattled Prime Minister (9/10/09)   An interview with Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister


Alien Nation (8/26/09)   South Africa’s real “District 9″


Bring Me My Machine Gun (4/17/09)   A profile of South African president Jacob Zuma.


The Weakest Link” (3/6/09)   How the economic crisis is affecting Africa — or not.


The Vision Thing (8/4/09)   Jacob Zuma in the flesh.


Hard Target (5/15/09)   In-depth profile of the hunt for Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.


Fleeing from South Africa (2/13/09)   South Africa’s White Flight Problems.


An Unclenched Fist (1/23/09)   A profile of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai


On His Own (8/22/08)   Jon Meacham’s lengthy profile of Obama, featuring some of my reporting on Obama’s family in Kenya.


Out of Africa (10/8/08)   U.S Africom command takes a new direction.


Challenging Zimbabwe's Mugabe (3/22/08)   A Q&A with Zimbabwe’s Simba Makoni.


After Mbeki, Zuma's New Challenge (9/23/08)   Jacob Zuma confronts radicals in his own party.


Will Jacob Zuma Ruin South Africa - or Save it? (9/12/08)   Jacob Zuma makes a bid for the presidency.


Q & A: Kofi Annan on Kenya's Tragedies (2/9/08)   An Interview with Kofi Annan in Kenya.


The Least Green Country on Earth” (6/28/08)   Niger’s environmental catastrophe.


Assault on the Law” (6/21/08)   Zimbabwe’s tyranny grows.


Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Isolation Grows (6/22/08)   Zimbabwe’s violence casts a long shadow.


Periscope: Africa in Crisis (1/12/08)   Kenya’s post-election violence was bad, but it was no Rwanda.


Zimbabwe: Will Robert Mugabe Leave Peacefully? (4/26/08)   Dilemmas of post-colonial Zimbabwe.


Somalia: Dilemmas of the Horn (4/12/08)   Reported from Mogadishu, the story of Somalia’s epidemic of violence.


Digging up the Dirt (4/5/08)   A forensics team in South Africa uncovers Apartheid’s crimes.


What 10 Million Buys (3/29/08  Zimbabwe’s currency is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.


Mugabe’s Last Stand” (3/22/08)   Zimbabwe’s “old man” Mugabe stands alone.


Zimbabwe's $10 Million Bread (3/24/08)   At writing, Zimbabwe had the world’s highest inflation rate.


Kenya: The Raila Odinga Story (1/21/08)   A profile of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


Kenya: More Political Protests (1/15/08)   Kenya’s post-election violence gets worse.


Kenya: Fleeing the Violence" (1/1/08)   The violence in Kenya is more complicated than it looks.


The End of the Affair (12/22/07)   South Africa’s politics are getting messy.


China’s African Misadventures (11/24/07)   China is trying to take over Africa, but it’s not always easy.


South Africa: Mbeki's Rough Side (10/24/07)   Mbeki’s dictatorial streak.


Dreaming of Checkmate (10/9/07)   African chess champions go for it in Namibia.


As Zimbabwe Decays, Some Signs of Change (9/27/07)   The myth of Zimbabwean wealth.


Africa's New Malaria-fighting Strategy (9/18/07)   Why DDT is good.


Taking the War on Terror to Africa (9/15/07)   Africa’s terror problem is America’s, too.


Johnson: Onscene at the Congo Gorilla Killings (8/5/07)   A Q&A with Richard Leakey.


Congo's Gorilla Tragedy(8/5/07)   The story of the worst gorilla massacre in Congo’s history (featured on BBC and National Geographic)


Digging A Grave for Crumbling Zimbabwe (6/17/07)   The crisis gets worse.


Zimbabwe: An Archbishop Takes on Mugabe (6/10/07)   Pius Ncube’s war of faith and politics


“South Africa: An Unlikely Opposition Leader (6/4/07)    A profile of Helen Zille, mayor of Cape Town and Iron Lady of South Africa.



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