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“Season of Shock” (6/23/02)    French politics in the Chirac era.


“Chirac’s Vacation Follies” (8/26/01)    Chirac goes on vacation as the country simmers.


“Paris is Burning” (8/19/01)    Paris’s suburbs erupt when angry youth take to the streets.


“Why Are These Two Heads Smiling?” (7/8/01)    Adventures in European aerospace.


“Living La Vie En Rouge” (5/20/01)    Le Moulin Rouge and Paris’s red-light district.


“Bonjour Garbage T.V.” (5/27/01)    Reality T.V comes to France.


“An American in Paris” (4/8/01)    Q&A with film maven Peter Scarlet.


“A Continental Casualty” (3/11/01)    Mad Cow mayhem.


“Old School, New Age" (4/22/01)    The revered school for France’s technocrats, ENA, undergoes a facelift.


“Justice Delayed in Belgium” (3/18/01)    Pedophile Marc Dutroux goes on trial.


“The Body Snatchers” (4/1/01)    Enrico Cuccia’s strange Italian murder mystery.


“It’s a Jungle Out There” (2/4/01)    Europe’s economic woes.


“How Safe is their Beef?” (12/3/00)   The Mad Cow scare hits Europe.


“Like Father Unlike Son” (2/4/01)    French farmer-activist Jose Bove has a very experimental father.


“Mondavi in Languedoc” (12/3/00)    The Californian comes to southern France.


“An Amazon in Paris” (9/17/00)    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos comes to France.


“The Shepherd’s Lament” (10/22/00)    Can one shepherd in the French Alps save Europe’s wolves?


“The Cynical Celebrity” (10/31/99)    French author Michel Houellebecq is on a rampage.


“Tale of the Wayward Son” (5/7/00)    A trip to Algeria to find the family of convicted terrorist Ahmed Ressam.



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