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"What Lies Beneath,"   Foreign Policy   (2015)


"Texas Church Becomes Oasis for Central American Migrants, Their Children",   National Geographic   (2014)


"Oscar to Suicide in One Year: Tracing the 'Searching for Sugar Man' Director's Final Tragic Days"   Hollywood Reporter   (2014)


"How a War Hero Became a Serial Bank Robber"   Buzzfeed   (2013)


"Inside an Enemy Cell"   Newsweek   (2003)


"Can Europe's Shrinking Military back up its Commitment to Syria?"  New York Times   (2012)


"How a Dirty Police Force gets Clean"   Politico Magazine   (2015)


"Death in a Box"   Guernica   (2011)


"The Hunt for Kony"   Newsweek   (2012)


"The Forgotten Streets" Foreign Policy   (2015)


"Kidnapped" Granta   (2011)


"Here's Why We Should Question U.S. Officials Who Say Terrorists Can't Use Iraq's Chemical Weapons" Takepart   (2011)


"Three Oakland Children Slain in One Year, Now Their Families are Trying to Cope" Bay Area News Group   (2012)


"Busy "Pipeline" Migrant Route Makes Texas Town Hub for Human Smuggling" National Geographic   (2014)


"Where the Wild Things Die" Foreign Policy   (2014)


"A 'Survivor' Producer, a Dead Wife, Four Years in a Mexican Prison: New Evidence Amid a Nightmare" Hollywood Reporter   (2014)


"The New Theory That Could Explain Crime and Violence in America" Matter  (2014)


"Of Mines and Men" Guernica   (2011)


"A Beloved Acting Coach, A Teen Girl, and Sexual Assault Charges: Cameron Thor's Accuser Breaks Silence" Hollywood Reporter   (2015)


"La Venezuela de Chavez" Letras Libres   (2005)


"The Unsinkable Nazi Past" New York Times   (2012)


"An Ex Insurgents' Covert War on Al-Qaeda in Iraq" Newsweek  (2009)


"A Train, A Narrow Trestle, and 60 Seconds to Escape: How 'Midnight Rider' Victim Sarah Jones Lost Her Life" Hollywood Reporter   (2014)


"American-born Gangs Help Drive Crisis at U.S. Border" National Geographic   (2014)


"Scientists Seek to Treat Chronically Traumatized Brains" Bay Area News Group   (2011)


"Michael Hastings in Baghdad" Buzzfeed   (2013)


"Robben Island: A Monument to Courage" Smithsonian Magazine   (2012)


"Is the Economic Crisis Making Europeans Fat?" New York Times   (2012)


"U.N. Stopped a Rwanda-Like Genocide, but—Bad News: Child Soldiers Are Back" Takepart   (2014) (Blog)

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