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"Can Europe's Shrinking Military Back up its Commitment to Syria?" (11/16/2012)

Europe is promising a lot to Syria. Can it make good on its promises?


"The Unsinkable Nazi Past", (7/19/12)

On the 70th anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv deporatations, Europe copes with its Nazi past.


"Is the Economic Crisis Making Europeans Fat?" (11/17/2012)

The economic crisis is changing the way Europeans eat.


"Lax Controls at Banks or Systematic Rot?” (7/17/12)

The scandal over HSBC is spreading, prompting Senate hearings and raising questions about larger corruption in the financial markets.


"Bittersweet Chocolate News in Europe” (11/15/2012)

Europe is awash in chocolate news, some good, some bad.


Britain’s Dilemma: To Extradite or Not to Extradite” (11/14/2012)

Britain is confused about its own extradition policies.


"My Father’s Era of Spying Was a Much Simpler - and Safer - One” (11/18/2012)

An account of my father’s era as a CIA spy, and how it contrasts to today.


The Real Epidemic of Violence is Ordinary, Every Day, and Global” (7/21/12)

After the Aurora shootings, the epidemic of daily violence remains an overlooked global problem.


"The not so funny Fiasco of the London Games, so far” (7/20/12)

A look at the snafus in the runup to the XXX London Olympiad.


"Europe: Unstable at the Center, Worse at the Edges” (7/18/12)

While its economic core melts, Europe’s undemocratic fringes are also a cause for concern.


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