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“Three Oakland Children Slain in One Year”   

A saga of three historic Oakland deaths, all children under the age of five.


“Non-revocable Parole Status Questioned” (10/18/10)   

California Questions Non-Revocable Parole Status After Several Recent Assaults.


“Combat Areas Can be Safer Than U.S Streets” (10/21/10)    

Life on Oakland’s streets can be more dangerous than a U.S military base in Afghanistan.


“Oakland Prepares for Mehserle Sentencing” (11/4/10)    

On Friday a Los Angeles judge will sentence police officer Johannes Mehserle for the shooting of Oscar Grant. Oakland prepares.


“Oakland Continues to Fight Child Trafficking”  (11/10/2010)    

Alameda County ramps up efforts to fight child trafficking in the Bay Area.  Oakland is a particularly problematic city.


“Church Mourns Death, Celebrates Grant” (11/17/10)    

An untimely death hits the Allen Temple Baptist Church — just as it receives money to fight violence.


“Crack’s Destruction Widespread, America Still Recovering” (1/15/11)    

The crack epidemic is no longer what it once was, but the effects are still visible across the country.


“The Splintering of Black America” (1/15/11)   

Is the black middle class failing the urban poor in places like Oakland? How black America is changing.


“The Return of ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross: The Man Behind a Crack Empire” (1/15/11)     A lengthy profile of Ricky Ross.


“Elder Black Americans Say Younger Generation Detached From Their History” (2/1/11)    

At the start of Black History Month, an older generation reflects on the past.   


“McCullum Youth CourtMay Close Due to Lack of Funding” (2/4/11)    

A successful diversionary program is at risk of closure after a federal funding stream dries up.


“Transforming Bay Area Lives Through Life Saving Program” (2/21/11)    

From felony convictions to first aid — an Oakland program is helping at-risk kids change their lives for the better.


“Oakland City Council Members, Activists Blast Banks for Blight” (2/19/11)

Many say the banks are to blame for creating — and sustaining — Oakland’s problems with urban blight.


“Scores Rally at Oakland City Hall to Protest Proposed Fruitvale Gang Injunction” (3/3/11)

Hundreds of protestors marched through Oakland to protest an injunction targeting alleged members of the Norteno gang.


“State Raiding Federal Matching Funds Would Hurt Trauma Care Centers in Almeda County” (3/27/11)

Trauma doctors worried that California’s budget problems will put their jobs in danger, and hurt Oakland’s violent youth.

“Oakland Family Traumatized by Violence, Death” (3/30/11)  

A year in the life of an Oakland family grappling with death and the lingering effects of chronic trauma.


“Scientists Seek to Treat Chronically Traumatized Brains” (3/30/11)

What neuro-scientists and therapists are learning about how chronic trauma affects the brain, and what to do about it.

“Mindset of the Madness: Mack God Rules the Streets” (3/31/11)

How the psychology of trauma looks to the kids caught up in the nightmare of street violence.


“Charter Schools Topic of Discussion at Oakland Forum” (4/27/11)

An education forum focuses on the role of charter schools in Oakland, the budget crisis and the future of higher education.


“Bin Laden’s Death Reopens Painful Chapter” (5/5/11)

Osama bin Laden’s death revives the collective trauma of 9/11 and opens a new chapter of self-examination.


“Skepticism Lingers About Alcohol Fee Ordinance in Unicorporated Almeda County” (5/9/11)

Local residents doubt the veracity of ties between alcohol sales and violent crime.

“Oakland Latino Gangs Defined by the Colors They Wear” (5/19/11)

A short history of Latino gang culture in the Bay Area.


“Elements of Racism Among Rival Latino Gangs in Oakland” (5/20/11)

How race and identity shape gang life in Oakland.


“Adam Williams' Death Leaves Void for Mother, Father, Son, Girlfriend” (5/29/11)

The death of an innocent bystander shatters a family and leaves a 5-year old boy fatherless.


Raids Target Central Valley Gangs That Operate Across U.S.-Mexico Border”  (6/8/11)

Massive police raid nets 75 gang members with ties to Nuestra Familia prison mafia.


An Unorthodox Advocate” (6/10/11)

A profile of Cesar Cruz, a local activist, teacher and full-time radical.


Trans-national Gangs Form Aliances with Mexican Cartel, Becoming More Sophisticated Trafficking Drugs,Guns, People” (6/19/11)

Mexican cartels are sharing intelligence and cooperating with California gangs in a dangerous new partnership.


Health Care Disparities at Issue in High Abortion Rates Among Black Americans” (7/11/11)


Former Drug Dealer Speaks to Youth, Urges Different Path” (8/26/11)

Darryl “Lil D” Reed used to be a crack kingpin. Now he’s in prison and wants to help stop Oakland’s violence.


Children Affected By Violence Suffer Mental Injuries, Psychologists and Experts Say” (9/6/11/)

Witnessing violence can have catastrophic effects on children and their communities, say experts and psychologists..




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